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Who is Andrew Walker, PT?

Andrew Walker has been a Physical Therapist for 13 years in a variety of settings both in his home country of Great Britain and adopted home in the United States. He has worked with people from all walks of life including pro, college and high school athletes to patients struggling with chronic pain. He has a keen interest in evidence-based practice, and strives to apply the best evidence available to help his patients get better quicker and perform at a higher level. To understand the level of care he provides read this blog posting titled “What does a Physical Therapist do?”

Andrew Walker, Physical Therapist, Huntsville, Alabama
Andrew Walker and PhysioWorks provide time efficient Physical Therapy

Time Efficient

I will not ask you to spend valuable appointment time performing exercises that you can perform on your own at home, and I will schedule appointments at a frequency that is appropriate to both your schedule and condition.

Andrew Walker clearly explains Physical Therapy so that you have the best possible care at PhysioWorks

Clear Communication

I will listen to you, answer your questions, and clearly explain my diagnosis and recommended treatment.

Andrew Walker is an experienced Physical therapist and owner of PhysioWorks


In a field where many therapeutic treatments depend on skilled execution, and evidence is sometimes limited, there is no substitution for experience.

Andrew Walker provides focused Physical therapy just for you at PhysioWorks

Right Focus

During your appointment, my focus will be on you. You will see me for every appointment, and I do not overlap patients.

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