What’s My Secret?

by | Jun 19, 2017

Recently, the following comment was left on a local running FB group, in response to an answer I had provided to a question about an injury:

“I’ve heard so many great things about you from folks whose opinion I value. Now I see why. “

What prompted this comment being made?

All I had done was provide a simple, research-backed, publicly-available guideline that anyone can use to help determine whether foot pain merits seeking out imaging, or just giving it rest. This kind of simple to apply information can mean the difference between an unnecessary visit to the ER or Urgent Care center, or being able to confidently stay home and rest (and not waste those precious healthcare dollars!) Or – the opposite situation – can help you know that yes, you do need to go to the Dr. and be seen about, rather than let a possible broken bone or serious injury to untreated and possibly get worse (something I know about from a childhood experience of having to walk home on a broken foot because no one understood how serious my injury was!)

But why should me providing this information have made a particularly strong impression on someone? Sadly, it is not always common to have a provider give you free practical, useful information that empowers you to make educated, cost-saving healthcare decisions. Even information that does not lead them to immediately become a paid patient! There are many reasons for this (fear of lawsuits being a big one), but to me it is very unfortunate.

Physical therapists spend years studying the human body to become the healthcare industry’s biomechanics experts – even more so than doctors (whose training focuses on many, many areas, and often includes only a cursory overview of biomechanics). PTs are trained to understand the body’s kinematic chain, look at the bio-mechanics “big picture”, and know how to help the body heal itself through therapeutic exercise and other non-invasive techniques.

Injuries will always happen, and there will always be a need for hands-on physical therapy. But as a PT, I feel a responsibility to share information with my clients and readers that will empower you to understand your body better, and to help your body heal and stay healthy ON YOUR OWN – naturally!

Do you have a question or concern that I might be able to help with? Reach out to me! I love questions, and will happily discuss your concern with you. If it is something I can help you with, I will explain how PT can help and what you can expect.  If you need to see a GP or specialist doctor for imaging or further diagnostics, I will help you get referred to the appropriate doctor. If you just need to rest and give your body time to heal, I will be honest and let you know that, too.

Is there a topic or question you would like me to address in a future email or blog post? I am always open to suggestions!

Good advice!

I’ll give advice for free!

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  1. Ali Wick Meeks

    This article shows why you are the trusted provider for so many of our area’s athletes! I’m a believer!

    • PhysioWorks

      Thanks Ali. I am lucky to work with some awesome athletes and coaches!


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