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5 Stars - Based on 48 User Reviews
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5 Stars - Based on 22 User Reviews
Lacey Tompkins Avatar

Andrew helped me heal from chronic ankle injuries and weakness by identifying root causes. The exercises he gave me to do at home really strengthened by ankle and made a huge difference with stability. Definitely recommend!

Lacey Tompkins 9/17/2019
Brandon Mader Avatar

Over the years I've received treatment from 8 different centers in the Huntsville/Madison area for running-related injuries. While other centers were helpful in pain management, PhysioWorks was BY FAR the most helpful in finding the real cause of the problem. They laid out a plan for me to... read more

Brandon Mader 2/06/2019
Barry Kirkland Avatar

Andrew is by far the most effective Physical Therapist specializing in helping in athletes increase performance, endurance, and techniques to reduce injury. The sessions he offers are tailored to the athlete and utilize scientifically based research. I appreciate all he has done to provide me guidance and direction in addressing... read more

Barry Kirkland 5/15/2019
Tameron Harvell Avatar

I had a knee injury that was about 2 years old by the time I saw Andrew. A combination of hoping it would get better on it's own and just not taking the time to get something done about (it was more annoying rather than debilitating) resulted in me putting... read more

Tameron Harvell 4/13/2018
Michael Boerman Avatar

Very glad to have pursued treatment from Andrew. He has helped me get back on my feet in ways that no previous treatment has, after trying everything for 4+ years. He is a great coach and implements workouts based on research, not anecdotes. Would recommend to any of my friends... read more

Michael Boerman 5/07/2019
Miranda Yount Avatar

Andrew is brilliant! He worked side by side with me as I struggled with an ongoing heel pain issue. His targeted therapy not only made my heal pain disappear......he FIXED IT and it hasn't hurt in over a year! Andrew is one of the best in Huntsville!

Miranda Yount 3/30/2019
Rich Shelton Avatar

Andrew is one of the most knowledgeable physical therapist in Alabama! Great guy and he helped me get my life back on track and into sports!!!!

Rich Shelton 1/08/2019
Lori Hartmann Avatar

I highly recommend PhysioWorks! When I came to Andrew, I was ready to hang up my running shoes. Hip pain as a result of osteoarthritis had removed my joy of running and interfered with my normal daily activities. Andrew performed manual therapy to reduce my pain and... read more

Lori Hartmann 10/25/2019
Dave Chadwick Avatar

Andrew was recommended to me by several members of the Huntsville running community when I experienced pain in my right heel this winter that severely impacted my running. Andrew examined my running style and leg strength and gave me a series of exercises that quickly helped reduce the pain and... read more

Dave Chadwick 6/16/2019
Tammy Bowling Harris Avatar

A member of my daughter’s track team referred us to Andrew for a nagging knee pain that our 15 year old was experiencing and it was the best referral with have ever received. 4 weeks into seeing Andrew and our daughter is no longer experiencing knee pain. He put her... read more

Tammy Bowling Harris 2/25/2020

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