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5 Stars - Based on 33 User Reviews
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5 Stars - Based on 12 User Reviews
Ryan-Anna Wolfe Avatar

I highly recommend PhysioWorks. My condition was not an injury, but rather years of back pain, tension and fatigue, especially associated with pregnancy. I finally decided to try to tackle it, and Andrew was very thorough, knowledgeable, and helpful - giving me useful tips, techniques, and detailed stretches and exercises... read more

Ryan-Anna Wolfe 3/03/2018
Shelby Agnew Avatar

If you are looking for a physical therapist that is patient, knowledgeable, and will get you back to where you want to be, there is no better place in town than Physioworks. From the beginning, Andrew Walker is an empathetic and detailed listener, which enables him to tailor his approach... read more

Shelby Agnew 12/27/2017
Tameron Harvell Avatar

I had a knee injury that was about 2 years old by the time I saw Andrew. A combination of hoping it would get better on it's own and just not taking the time to get something done about (it was more annoying rather than debilitating) resulted in me putting... read more

Tameron Harvell 4/13/2018
Cameron McWilliams Avatar

Dr. Walker, an incredibly knowledgeable and understanding physical therapist, has set the bar high when it comes to my expectations of the quality of medical care. He puts forth the effort to stay sharp by reading all of the current research publication material, and he has many quality connections for... read more

Cameron McWilliams 2/23/2018
Teresa Fleischmann Avatar

Andrew is an extremely valuable asset to our community thanks to his passion for not only his patients, but for staying on top of current research and techniques. I have seen him numerous times and the care I have received is second to none. Andrew is also actively involved in... read more

Teresa Fleischmann 2/05/2018
Kathy Oldham Martin Avatar

My recovery is going GREAT thanks to Andrew at PhysioWorks! Exercises that make sense and appointments that are convenient and very beneficial to recovery. I definitely recommend him!!!

Kathy Oldham Martin 3/15/2018
Katrin Smith Avatar

Update May 2018: I am super excited to be back running, hiking, and working without pain. Andrew did a phenomenal job guiding me these last 5 months. I started with pain in my hip and groin that affected just about every aspect of my life. I am now pain free... read more

Katrin Smith 1/09/2018
Polly West Avatar

I saw Andrew in January for a running assessment after having gotten back into running a couple months before. I had back surgery in 2009 (L5-S1 discectomy) and was strongly discouraged from running by a PT I saw after my surgery. I had been feeling pretty good getting back into... read more

Polly West 6/01/2017
Chris McConnell Avatar

PhysioWorks and Andrew Walker came highly recommended from my boss after he had been seeing me deal with a muscle strain in my back for over a month. Andrew was able to help me identify exercises that would help work out the troubled area. I think I spent much less... read more

Chris McConnell 2/09/2017
Tag Choate Avatar

Huge shoutout to Andrew at PhysioWorks, Sports and Wellness, Inc. for making this Spartan Trifecta possible. After several months of tendon pain in my knee, my leg ultimately gave way during a Saturday morning long run last December. I had bought my Trifecta Pass just a few weeks prior after... read more

Tag Choate 11/04/2017