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5 Stars - Based on 48 User Reviews
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5 Stars - Based on 22 User Reviews
Barry Kirkland Avatar

Andrew is by far the most effective Physical Therapist specializing in helping in athletes increase performance, endurance, and techniques to reduce injury. The sessions he offers are tailored to the athlete and utilize scientifically based research. I appreciate all he has done to provide me guidance and direction in addressing... read more

Barry Kirkland 5/15/2019
Sandy Grady Avatar

Andrew is a fantastic physical therapist, and I highly recommend him to everyone! I originally saw him for an impinged shoulder about 10 years ago in a traditional PT setting, and although I was very pleased with the results, the Physioworks practice model is a tremendous improvement over traditional PT.... read more

Sandy Grady 7/25/2018
Tameron Harvell Avatar

I had a knee injury that was about 2 years old by the time I saw Andrew. A combination of hoping it would get better on it's own and just not taking the time to get something done about (it was more annoying rather than debilitating) resulted in me putting... read more

Tameron Harvell 4/13/2018
Luke Hough Avatar

After limping my way through a 100km trail race and finally giving in to my bilateral Achilles tendinopathy, I went to Andrew for help. His well researched approach to therapy helped me progress from barely walking to increasing my running mileage so that I could make it to the start... read more

Luke Hough 1/30/2019
Jacob Starace Avatar

It was an amazing experience that saved my senior season. I was finally able to compete injury free for the first season of my high school career and wouldn't be where I am right now in my athletic endeavors were it not for all of Andrew's help. Great guy that... read more

Jacob Starace 7/01/2019
Ryan-Anna Wolfe Avatar

I highly recommend PhysioWorks. My condition was not an injury, but rather years of back pain, tension and fatigue, especially associated with pregnancy. I finally decided to try to tackle it, and Andrew was very thorough, knowledgeable, and helpful - giving me useful tips, techniques, and detailed stretches and exercises... read more

Ryan-Anna Wolfe 3/03/2018
Shelby Agnew Britt Avatar

If you are looking for a physical therapist that is patient, knowledgeable, and will get you back to where you want to be, there is no better place in town than Physioworks. From the beginning, Andrew Walker is an empathetic and detailed listener, which enables him to tailor his approach... read more

Shelby Agnew Britt 12/27/2017
Elaine A. Oakes Avatar

I really loved the atmosphere of the clinic—not crowded and ‘herded through’ with 20 other people all around. With such devoted attention to MY issue, Andrew was able to educate me a whole bunch, share research findings, and really make sure I had the movements down that would help me... read more

Elaine A. Oakes 6/24/2018
Carrie Giles Avatar

I was referred to Andrew by friends who had worked with him previously and I've been very happy with the outcome. I came in having daily pain, in a brace with a nagging tendon injury in my ankle that I'd been battling for over 2 years. I'm now pain free,... read more

Carrie Giles 4/26/2018
Miranda Yount Avatar

Andrew is brilliant! He worked side by side with me as I struggled with an ongoing heel pain issue. His targeted therapy not only made my heal pain disappear......he FIXED IT and it hasn't hurt in over a year! Andrew is one of the best in Huntsville!

Miranda Yount 3/30/2019