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5 Stars - Based on 48 User Reviews
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5 Stars - Based on 22 User Reviews
David Chadwick Avatar

Andrew was recommended to me by several members of the Huntsville running community when I experienced pain in my right heel this winter that severely impacted my running. Andrew examined my running style and leg strength and gave me a series of exercises that quickly helped reduce the pain and... read more

David Chadwick 6/16/2019
Melissa Wilk Avatar

Andrew is super great! He keeps up with the latest research and uses it to better treat his patients. I came to him because I was having knee pain that kept me from running like I wanted to. He did a running analysis and identified some problem points. With the... read more

Melissa Wilk 4/09/2019
Lacey Tompkins Avatar

Andrew helped me heal from chronic ankle injuries and weakness by identifying root causes. The exercises he gave me to do at home really strengthened by ankle and made a huge difference with stability. Definitely recommend!

Lacey Tompkins 9/17/2019
Matt Willauer Avatar

Andrew is amazingly gifted. He has helped me with various issues stemming from a life-long issue. I am now much better off than I have been in years and continue to work to strengthen myself under his care. We have recommended several friends and all have been... read more

Matt Willauer 9/17/2018
Tonya Meier Hardy Avatar

Andrew is on top of the latest research and therapy practices! As a fitness instructor, being in good physical health is a job requirement. After an injury, Andrew worked to get me back up to speed quick! He takes time to address the physical as well as the mental aspects... read more

Tonya Meier Hardy 2/07/2019
Rich Shelton Avatar

Andrew is one of the most knowledgeable physical therapist in Alabama! Great guy and he helped me get my life back on track and into sports!!!!

Rich Shelton 1/08/2019
Whit Sisulak Avatar

My daughter went to PhysioWorks to help improve her running and it helped her out greatly. Would highly recommend.

Whit Sisulak 1/04/2021
Teresa Fleischmann Avatar

Andrew is an extremely valuable asset to our community thanks to his passion for not only his patients, but for staying on top of current research and techniques. I have seen him numerous times and the care I have received is second to none. Andrew is also actively involved in... read more

Teresa Fleischmann 2/05/2018
Tag Choate Avatar

Huge shoutout to Andrew at PhysioWorks, Sports and Wellness, Inc. for making this Spartan Trifecta possible.

After several months of tendon pain in my knee, my leg ultimately gave way during a Saturday morning long run last December. I had bought my Trifecta Pass just a few weeks prior... read more

Tag Choate 11/04/2017
Abigail Key Avatar

Andrew is hands down the best PT in the area! Instead of having you come in a few times a week, he has you come in less frequently but actually gives you exercises that help with what's going on with your body. I love that he applies strength training to... read more

Abigail Key 8/27/2019