Prevention and Performance


We used to think of injury prevention and performance as two separate topics. However, we are seeing that in many sports if we improve efficiency we see both improvement in performance and less injury!

We use both formal 2-camera video capture using a motion analysis suite and informal video capture using an iPad to assess the biomechanics and movement patterns of athletes. Using these technologies we can slow down running, jumping, and throwing technique and better define if the technique could have contributed to injury, could be reducing performance, and increasing injury risk. This can involve analysis at the sporting venue where the athlete is at. Below are examples of analysis and video footage of some of our clients.

Injury to your child can be soul destroying! The potential that they have might never be recognized. The injury might lead to ongoing problems into adulthood. Not to mention the expense of investigations, surgery, and rehab. We believe that the people of Huntsville and Madison deserve a service to help reduce the risk of injury. We provide screening services such as the Landing Error Scoring System (LESS) which helps predict ACL injury risk, allowing us to intervene and reduce risk! We don’t want to wait for someone to come to our clinic injured – instead, through prevention and performance evaluation we want to keep you out of the doctors offices!

Rehab for a sports injury or surgery should not stop at returning to basic activity, but this often occurs due to insurance coverage. Instead, it should be specific to sports and needs allowing safe and successful return. In the case of ACL surgery such as in this video if rehab is not sufficient there is an increased chance of damaging the surgery, or suffering the same injury to the other leg! At PhysioWorks our focus is to get you back to your sports, reduce injury and reinjury risk and improve your performance!

If you are recovering from a running injury or want to improve your running performance you should have a comprehensive video gait analysis. This is also the case for athletes of sports such as soccer, football, and basketball. The video on the left shows a runner who had pain for 5 years which caused her to struggle to run more than a half marathon. She had not found relief with other healthcare providers but using video analysis we were able to get her back to running, as well as qualify and race the Boston marathon. Video gait analysis and a thorough process helped Susi perform!