Interview with Z-Flo, Inc.

by | Aug 29, 2015

The provider of our motion capture software Z-Flo, Inc. interviewed me about the process I use for running analysis. The use of their professional-grade motion capture software has allowed me to provide clients with results that they have not previously found. These clients have had multiple years of pain and restriction in their athletic pursuits. They have visited several MDs and PTs, both locally and further afield. They felt they had run out of options. To these people, PhysioWorks was a new option as no one in North Alabama had this type of equipment. When I opened PhysioWorks, I knew I wanted to help people get better quickly, but I also wanted to reduce the risk of their issue recurring. I knew from my reading of sports medicine research that motion capture would provide me with a more detailed view of my clients. I feel that it is a game changer, which is why I was excited to be interviewed and promote Z-Flo’s product.


Video Running Analysis - Physical Therapy assessment

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This technology is helping make changes where they have not been seen, but I do not want to only be where people go when they feel they have run out of options. I would prefer to see people before they get injured. One of the great aims I have with PhysioWorks is to help reduce athletic injury risk. We have discussed this somewhat with our two part ACL injury prevention series (Part 1, Part 2). Professional-grade motion capture allows us to analyze your movements, such as running, in such a way that we can identify risky patterns. If we can identify these patterns, we can help you work to improve them. My clients with long injury histories have told me they wish they had seen me not only earlier, but they wish they had seen me before they were injured. As we have identified their technical issues, many of them realize they had them before they were injured. If you or your child is an athlete and want to reduce injury risk and stay healthy, consider contacting us so you can hear what we can offer you. We would love to help you avoid the painful, time consuming, and very costly road of injuries. Check out our bulletproof runner and injury prevention & performance services.

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