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The Huntsville/Madison Health and Fitness Professionals I Trust #2

As a physical therapist it is often important to refer my patients to other professionals in the health and fitness world. I am thankful to have some quality contacts in the Huntsville and Madison, Alabama area. One of those is Joe Martin, owner and operator of Huntsville Adventure Boot Camp. Joe is a great person and a skilled coach – This is evident as he is a man running a womens only bootcamp! He also has a great care for under-served areas of the community which is shown with the middle school boys club he ran with coach Pierre. Check out the recent live video of Joe and myself chatting about his work and upcoming events. If you are a female looking for a coach and exercise program reach out to Joe!



Physical Therapists get injured sometimes. An image of PT Andrew Walker with tears due to injury!

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What will the headlines say? Does strength training help runners or not?

Runners Need Strength Training! Or Do They?!

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The female athlete triad a diagnosis that we need to look for in our female athletes

The Female Athlete Triad

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No all stress fractures need an expensive boot

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Blood Flow Restriction Training

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Tendon Compression an important thing to consider for some tendons

Tendon Compression – Important to Consider For Some Tendons!

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