Run Pain Free

Imagine running pain-free. Worry-free. Like you did when you were a kid.

Imagine enjoying your long runs and training for that big goal race, without wondering whether an injury will sideline your plans. Imagine crossing the finish line, feeling strong and proud of a new PR.

While no one can guarantee that you will never get injured, many (if not most!) running injuries can be prevented before they ever happen! Too often I see runners who are struggling with chronic or recurring injuries that are holding them back from running their goal races, improving performance, or simply enjoying running. Sometimes they find a treatment or make training changes that relieve pain in one area (say, the heel/plantar fascia) only to develop pain somewhere else (maybe the knee)! It can feel like you’re playing injury whack-a-mole! Or, you might be feeling great, following your training plan for your goal race, and enjoying your runs, when a serious injury hits you seemingly out of nowhere!

It doesn’t have to be this way. As a physical therapist who specializes in running and athletic injuries, I am experienced in identifying biomechanical issues and weaknesses that are likely to lead to injury if not corrected. And the great thing is, strengthening those weak areas can also unlock hidden athletic potential you didn’t even know you had! Instead of playing whack-a-mole, we can work together to uncover the root cause issues – often there is an underlying weakness that is the true culprit behind seemingly disconnected injuries. I’ve heard from triathletes who worked with me for a running problem, and then started hitting new PRs on their bike! Or runners like Karen, who worked hard to strengthen weak glut muscles, and was able to see an instant speed increase for the same effort with the help of a couple of simple cues (check out her whole story here!).

Research has shown that up to 9/10 runners will experience an injury during their running lifetime! Many of those injuries are ones that develop over time; as you train, one or more parts of your body may be being overloaded and overstressed, without you knowing it. Once the pain sets in and becomes uncomfortable enough that you seek treatment, it often means that you’ll need to take weeks, or months off of your training schedule to allow healing. But you don’t have to become one of those statistics. I’ve designed the ‘Bulletproof Runner’ service to identify those weak or overloaded areas before they develop into injuries so that you can stay on the road (or trail!) and enjoy running, worry-free.

So don’t just imagine it; schedule your Bulletproof Runner appointment today and let’s work towards making your dreams a reality!

The Only Huntsville/Madison Clinic Offering Full Video Running Analysis Using Professional Grade Motion Capture Technology

Donnie had been having calf and hip pain for several years. He had unsuccessfully sought care with several local providers (PTs, chiropractors, MDs) with his pain always recurring when he got to the 6-mile mark. PhysioWorks was able to help Donnie return to running, pass 6-miles, and run the cotton row 10k. He was able to continue a streak which makes him one of only five runners to run all 36 years the Cotton Row has been raced!

Jeremy had an ACL reconstruction but had struggled with rehab and was unable to do the things he wanted. His back pain was also worse! Using a thorough examination and video running analysis we were able to formulate a plan that helped Jeremy fianlly get over the surgery and return to full activity. He was able to claim 1st in his age group at a duathlon as well as cycle the 102.7-mile Assault on Mt Mitchell.

Susi had been having knee pain for more than 5 years. She had tried surgery, physical therapy and various other treatments with no success. She was unable to run more than 11-miles meaning she was unable to take up her entry to the Boston marathon. With the help of PhysioWorks Susi was able to return to pain-free running. She ran her first marathon in 5 years, qualified for and then raced the Boston marathon!

The Bulletproof Runner service is so much more than a basic ‘running analysis’ you may have had at a shoe store.

We start with listening. I will ask you to tell me about your running and injury history, any pain or difficulties you’re currently experiencing, and your running and fitness goals. Once you are comfortable that I understand your story and your goals, we move on to an in-depth, top-to-bottom bio-mechanical examination that includes professional-quality video capture of your running gait from two perspectives to allow three-dimensional analysis of your running mechanics. As a result, you will receive the following:

Individualized treatment plan that empowers you to be an active participant by employing the following strategies:

?Exercises and training cues to relieve boi-mechanical overload on painful, injured, or at-risk structures, while strengthening any weak areas.

?Manual therapy techniques, footwear, and orthotics may be used to enhance treatment when appropriate.

?Gait change recommendations may be introduced, with careful consideration to your current training schedule and goals.

Follow-up appointments will be tailored to your unique needs – because each runner is different!

I am always just a phone call, e-mail or text away when you have questions along the way!

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