Booking appointments at PhysioWorks:

We are excited to offer online appointment scheduling. Once your appointment is confirmed you will receive electronic paperwork to complete before the appointment. You can opt in for a 48 hour appointment reminder that uses SMS, email or phone. You can make a booking by calling us at 256-529-7395. Paperwork can also be done by arriving 20-min in advance of your appointment, but we value your time and recommend completing it in advance. Even if making an appointment by phone we can email you electronic paperwork.


  • Unfortunately at this time due to Federal law we are unable to see Medicare patients. Medicare does not allow Physical Therapists to treat their patients out-of-network.
  • For Physical Therapy, Alabama State direct access laws apply, please follow this link for details including a copy of our referral document. If you have questions please call us.
  • For Running Assessments and running follow-ups you must be free of injury. If you arrive and are found to have injury we can perform a Physical Therapy evaluation at our regular hourly rate to see if Physical Therapy will be appropriate treatment. We will forward the evaluation on to  a doctor of your choice with recommendation of further treatment including a running assessment. You will have done part of the running assessment process in having had the Physical Therapy evaluation, so the video analysis part will be part of regular Physical Therapy follow-ups and will be billed at our regular hourly rate.

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