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Front plank and hip extension to target gluteus maximus

Exercises for Hip Extension – 3

Finally (after post , , an ) we get to the top exercise for hip extension and the gluteus maximus! ...
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Hipe extension to target gluteus maximus

Exercises for Hip Extension – 2

Strengthening As promised, it is time for our first gluteus maximus exercise post! Why is this so important? Check out my ...
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Stretching the hip flexors to help get better motion for gluteus maximus strengthening

Exercises for Hip Extension – 1

A stretch? Well, I kind of lied in the last post. I said we would be looking at exercises for ...
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The Importance of Good Hip Extension

Efficient Hip Movement This past month saw the world's best compete in the Track and Field World Championship, and I enjoyed ...
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The cost of injury

Physical Therapy is trying to take over social media today. In honor of #GetPT1st we have a new blog post! ...
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Interview with Z-Flo, Inc.

The provider of our motion capture software Z-Flo, Inc. interviewed me about the process I use for running analysis. The ...
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Arthritis and Age in Runners

This is a shorter blog post, yay! We have done a few on running that are more detailed so you ...
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Single-Sport Athletes – Is Your Child a Pro?

"Why the spike in youth injuries?" "Multiple factors, but two stand out: specialization and what we call professionalism." - World-renowned ...
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What level of running is safe for children?

I keep seeing questions on various forums about children and running. Is it ok for them to run a 5k, ...
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How much pain is too much when I exercise?

Last post we discussed the evidence on Kinesiotape and saw that it is not currently an evidence-based treatment versus regular ...
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Kinesiotape – Fad, or Evidence Based Treatment?

Why all the multicolored tape? If you have watched any sport in the past few years either on TV or ...
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Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury prevention – Part 2

Last post, we discussed the anatomy and mechanics of the ACL, as well as what predisposes it to tears. This post ...
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Anterior Cruciate Ligament ACL injury prevention

Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury prevention – Part 1

This two-part blog post will look at the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tear and what we can do to prevent ...
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What does a Physical Therapist do?

Misconception of the Physical Therapist I have practiced Physical Therapy both in the US and the UK, and in both ...
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The controversies of stretching, why, how, when?

There are many types of stretching, and many ideas on what stretching is, as well as when and how it should ...
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Piriformis Syndrome – a real pain in the butt?

Piriformis Syndrome - a real pain in the butt? Before we even discuss what this syndrome is, we should first ...
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