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Twitter can be a great way of challenging yourself professionally. Many of the world's best PTs are active on twitter ...
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Out-of-Network May Not Be More Expensive!

Out-of-Network ≠ Expensive!  Oftentimes when people hear that I am an ‘out-of-network’ PT, they assume this means that it must ...
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Andrew is Interviewed About Running Shoes on

Recently I was interviewed by a reporter from about running shoes. They were trying to find out if running ...
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I previously blogged on a new tool called the acute:chronic workload ratio (ACWR) and its use in helping to reduce ...
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Time to Heal or a Quick-Fix

In our modern world, we often take a quick fix for granted. When something breaks down – like our car ...
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Susi’s Story – From Pain to Boston

This is the story of Susi, a talented local young runner who came to me for help with knee pain ...
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Sports Nutrition: The Winning Edge – Guest Post by Anna Key, RD, LD

From my training and general reading, I have some understanding of nutrition and can give some basic advice (Thankfully not ...
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Is my workload appropriate, or is it risking injury?

In a previous blog post, I discussed how pain during exercise can be used as a guide to keep from ...
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Plantar Fasciitis – Part 2 – Treatment and recovery!

Part 1 of two-part blog on plantar fasciitis (PF) covered risk factors and prevention. This blog will consider the various ...
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Plantar Fasciitis – Part 1 – Causes and prevention strategies

These two words strike fear into people either because they have suffered with it, or they have seen friends suffering ...
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Does a running stroller change your running gait?

Over the past two decades there have only been five research papers looking into the affect of running with a ...
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Huntsville - Does breast size and support affect pain in running?

Breasts and running: Does size and support affect injury risk?

Having looked at my Facebook and Google analytics I saw that 2/3 of visitors to my pages are female, so ...
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Should I correct my technique? How can I do it?

Do you run funny?…. …..Maybe, but does it matter? As an advocate for video running analysis, I am also the ...
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Side hip abduction and plank to help gluteus medius strength

The Best Exercise for Hip Abduction

This final article in our gluteus medius series looks at the best exercise to get it working and strong! Side ...
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Side hip abduction to target gluteus medius

Best Exercises for Hip Abduction

These next two blogs will be about two of the best exercises for gluteus medius. The first exercise we will ...
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The importance of your butt!

We have previously discussed how important hip extension is to the runner, and that it should primarily be produced by the ...
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