The Thoughts of a Sports Physical Therapist

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What’s My Secret?

Recently, the following comment was left on a local running FB group, in response to an answer I had provided ...
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PSA – Can common medications affect your tendons?!

Recently, I saw a runner in my practice who had an MRI-confirmed muscle/tendon tear. Although this isn’t an uncommon injury ...
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Major Medical Journal Strongly recommends against knee scope for degenerative knees

Most of us know someone who has had their knee scoped (also called arthroscopy) to "clean up" arthritis or a ...
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Run Faster Using Same Effort

Run faster, with the same effort... ...Is that possible? YES! Two simple cues and the right foundation make a huge ...
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What does my running watch or app tell me? How do you use the data?

Modern life is filled and affected by technology and we are constantly being bombarded by data. From the budgeting app ...
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How Loud Do You Run?

How Loud Do You Run? If you’ve read last week’s blog on how running cadence can help you reduce loading ...
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Running Cadence Matters: How to run more safely and effortlessly!

What if I told you there is a simple shift you can make in your running pattern that can reduce ...
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Done With The Run – Do I stretch? How Much? How Hard?

Wasn't this past weekend awesome? My family and I headed to one of the local greenways to soak in the ...
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Running is not bad for arthritis!

In a previous blog we talked about aging and running, and how the traditional, age-old advice on osteoarthritis (OA) and ...
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Plantar Fascia and bone spurs – A pointy issue, but no sting!

We have previously considered risk factors and treatment of plantar fasciitis (PF for short, though we should really call it ...
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True and False on Back Pain

Low Back Pain is Normal!    No, I am not crazy!!  80% of people will experience low back pain in ...
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Treadmill Running – Friend or Foe, Safe or Dangerous?

Most of the runners I meet do not particularly enjoy running on a treadmill. They would rather be outside taking ...
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Stress Fracture – Part 2 – Risk factors, prevention, treatment

Last post we learned about stress fracture, and heard Sally’s story. Not being able to run made her a bear ...
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Stress Fracture – Part 1 – What is it?

  Sally likes to run for exercise and does the occasional 5k. She decides to run an upcoming half marathon ...
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Reducing Running Injury Risk

A Story of Managing Load and Technique - One Size Does Not Fit All! 70% of running injuries are due ...
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Tendinopathy, Not Tendonitis!

Table of Contents What Difference Does it Make if We Call it Tendonitis or Tendinopathy? Have you ever been diagnosed ...
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