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Our blog is our chance to share with you why we do things the way we do at PhysioWorks, Sports and Wellness, Inc. It also gives you the chance to submit questions/topics for us to cover in our blog posts! We hope this blog content will help you understand physical therapy and sports medicine, and help you make wise choices in how you look after your body.

What’s My Secret?

Recently, the following comment was left on a local running FB group, in response to an answer I had provided to a question about an injury: "I've heard so many great things about you from folks whose opinion I value. Now I see why. “ What prompted this comment being...

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How Loud Do You Run?

How Loud Do You Run? If you’ve read last week’s blog on how running cadence can help you reduce loading and injury risk when you run, you will be familiar with the idea that cadence and ground contact time are very strongly correlated. Longer ground contact time leads...

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Andrew Walker, PT

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