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Our blog is our chance to share with you why we do things the way we do at PhysioWorks, Sports and Wellness, Inc. It also gives you the chance to submit questions/topics for us to cover in our blog posts! We hope this blog content will help you understand physical therapy and sports medicine, and help you make wise choices in how you look after your body.

CrossFit – Are You Crazy?!

I have recently started doing CrossFit at a local box (CrossFit gym), and from the reaction I’ve received from pretty much everyone I’ve told (including my own wife!), it seems that the first thing many people think of is ‘injury’! I’ve received many admonitions to...

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Fighting For Your Goals

What brings you to see me? One of the first things I ask a current or potential patient is “what brings you to see me?”. People often say what they think I want to hear (pain, stiffness, etc), but the question is aimed at teasing out a much broader answer. What are...

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Do Your Knees Hurt?

  Do your knees hurt? If they do, the odds are that you have anterior knee pain (AKP). AKP goes by many different names, including patellofemoral pain syndrome, chondromalacia patella, and runner's knee. Recently a group of experts met and produced a consensus...

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Exercise is Medicine

Life comes with a few inevitable things - aging can be one of the most frustrating. When you are twenty you may not think much about it, but as the years continue we will all notice its effects. A common way people experience aging is joint pain, and resulting...

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Andrew Walker, PT

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