How Can Physical Therapy Help With Your Story?

Don’t Let Pain Stop You Doing What You Love!

Whatever your goal, Picking up your child, weeding the flower bed, walking the neighborhood, our direct physical therapy approach can help where others have not.

Be The Runner You Want To Be!

Our video analysis service and running focused knowledge can help you improve performance, reduce injury risk, and recover from injury more efficiently!

Keep Your Loved One’s Safe!

We have a passion for youth injury prevention and want to help keep your child safe! We have the knowledge and skill to help you with this!

Client’s Stories

Polly West
Polly West

5 out of 5 stars

posted 3 months ago

I saw Andrew in January for a running assessment after having gotten back into running a couple months before. I had back surgery in 2009 (L5-S1 discectomy) and was strongly discouraged from running by a PT I saw after my surgery. I had been feeling pretty good getting back into it, but was worried about possible injury both to my back and knees. Andrew's running assessment and subsequent muscle strength assessment were extremely helpful. He gave me a couple of things to change while running to help prevent injury and a list of stretches to strengthen my leg and core muscles. A few weeks ago I ran my very first half marathon. A few weeks before that, I had tweaked my back doing something stupid and was afraid I was going to have to give up running the half. I emailed Andrew who encouraged me that all was not lost. With his expert advice, I not only ran the whole way, but ran faster than I was expecting! I have since run a 10K and have 2 more half marathons and a 10-miler on the horizon.

Seriously, make an appointment with Andrew! For anything! Not just if you're a runner or athlete. He can help with normal (and not so normal) life pains, post-surgery issues, etc. Not only is he knowledgeable about how the body works, but he also takes the time to explain the whats and whys and hows. My only complaint is that he lives in Alabama while I'm in Colorado and therefore I can't very easily make appointments with him! So all of you North-Alabamians, take advantage of how close he is to you and let him help you!!

Maria R
Maria R

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

Dr. Walker is extremely professional and full of knowledge! If you're a runner/athlete, you cannot go wrong in scheduling an appointment for your 90 minute analysis that covers going over your gait, overall running form, and strengths and weaknesses. He will advise you on how to correct areas that need improvement (and can't we all improve as runners?) as well as offer a depth of knowledge on how to stay injury-free and be a life-long runner. We are so lucky to have him!

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