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Whatever your goal, Picking up your child, weeding the flower bed, walking the neighborhood, our direct physical therapy approach can help where others have not.

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Our video analysis service and running focused knowledge can help you improve performance, reduce injury risk, and recover from injury more efficiently!

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Client’s Stories

Ken Davis
Ken Davis

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 month ago

Went to see Andrew after about 2 months of PT for recovery of a back hamstring injury which was preventing me from running. He did evaluate my running form, made several suggestions and gave me a suite of exercises to help strengthen possible problem areas. Now after about 4-5 months of following this regimen I am back running and will be able to run a half marathon this year which was my big goal. Thanks Andrew

Tag Choate
Tag Choate

5 out of 5 stars

posted 2 weeks ago

Huge shoutout to Andrew at PhysioWorks, Sports and Wellness, Inc. for making my Spartan Trifecta possible.
After several months of tendon pain in my knee, my leg ultimately gave way during a Saturday morning long run last December. I had bought my Trifecta Pass just a few weeks prior after assuring myself that I would recover in time to race. After weeks of ineffective self care I went to my family doctor. After an X-ray and no real good advice they referred me to an orthopedic doctor. He confirmed I didn’t have anything major and gave me the same useless advice and a prescription ointment that didn’t do much. By this time it was all I could do to walk around the house. I was heartbroken to think that I wouldn’t be able to race. Thankfully I found Andrew through his insightful Facebook posts and gave him a call last January. His wholistic and long term vision for getting better and staying better was exactly what I was looking for. The running analysis he provided revealed so many things that could have stalled my fitness goals indefinitely had they been left unaddressed. I travel a lot for work as well, so his “work on your own” method for physical therapy exercises rather than multiple visits per week was a perfect way for me to augment my existing exercise routine without disrupting my work schedule. By March I was able to finish the Atlanta Sprint race - still walking more than I wanted but at least I was on the course and it only took about 30 minutes more than usual. After about 5 or 6 visits I had made good progress and was on my way to pain free running. By July I was able to run the Asheville Super and only had to pace myself a bit on the downhill portion towards the end of the race. In August I started having shin splints. I reached out to Andrew via Facebook Messenger and within an hour had a new set of exercises that took care of the problem in a few weeks. No “make an appointment with the receptionist” or other nonsense like that. The last time I had shin splints they lingered for months and the only advice I got from my doctor was to take a few Advil every day and stop exercising - not an option for me. Now in November I was able to run the Carolina Beast without any pain. Achieving this goal would not have happened without Andrew’s help and seemed impossible when I was limping out of the store with a knee brace last December.
At first I was worried about not being able to have insurance cover my therapy. In retrospect, the investment I made with PhysioWorks is going to save me so much money in the long run. Andrew’s approach was exactly what this Spartan needed to finally join the Trifecta Tribe. If you’re an Obstacle Course Racer and have any pain that’s keeping you off the course, I highly recommend you give PhysioWorks a try. Andrew works with a local Crossfit business as well, so he can help with more than just running.
Thanks Andrew!

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